Herring's Rentals

As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality equipment and exceptional service.

Herring's Rentals

Our Reservation Processes

After requesting your reservation...

  • We confirm availability of equipment
  • We make sure it is clean and in the best condition
  • We will contact you to confirm your reservation and collect payment information
  • Lastly, we will process your payment the morning of your rental (delivery) or you can come in at any point that day to pay and pick up your rental items

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions, please feel free to call or email us!

  • Experience the convenience of our onsite kayak and paddle board rentals, available for up to 2 hours. Secure your reservation online to guarantee your spot, as we have a maximum of 10 slots per day for onsite rentals.

    *Herring's Outdoor Sports reserves the right to not offer onsite rentals on any given day. Daily weather conditions and staffing are factors that will be taken into account. Please call for availability (910) 328-3291*

  • You can contact us via phone or email at

    (910) 328-3291

    [email protected]

  • For equipment reserved for delivery, we procces your payment on the morning of the scheduled delivery.

    If you prefer to pick up your items in-store, payment will be handled when you arrive to collect everything.

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